Uniquely, I started out in the financial industry as a general contractor/electrician. Pre-2008, my then business partner and I flipped houses, purchased lots for development, etc. Investing and managing money was part of our business. Immediately following 2008, however, that all changed. The business and partnership, unfortunately, did not survive. I, however, survived in the construction world because I diversified my skillsets and opened another door of opportunity – through remodeling.

2008 affected nearly everyone. That said, many of those affected persons in the market pulled out their remaining money from the market and decided to place it into their homes – via kitchen and master bath remodels. That’s how I survived. Fast-forward a couple of years; I saw the need for a change in careers. My body was beginning to feel that need, as well! It was time to transition. I was old enough to realize I needed to preserve my body yet young enough to be able to learn new skill sets and adjust accordingly.

Retirement was always a concern, especially as I grew older. That is to say, I didn’t have a suitable retirement nor any protection in the event I became seriously ill or incapacitated. Both of which would cripple my ability to earn a living. My friend (in the financial world) introduced me to a Plan that satisfied both of those requirements. I had also mentioned to him my desire to transition into a new career. He suggested I examine what he was doing. To be honest, I would never had gone into this industry from the get go, but something intrigued me about it.

My curiosity and tenacity to figure out challenges and problems and discover solutions captured my attention and interest. Fast forward again, here I am and loving every minute of it! Since then, I have acquired countless hours of training, education, licensing, and practical hands-on experience empowering others to reach their desired financial dreams and lifestyles. I must admit, I am rather unique… some may say strange or odd, but I say unique. While others watch TV and the like, I read financial literature, work out different financial scenarios on my computer, study trends, etc.

Ok, maybe that may be a tad on the boring side but if that’s what it takes to provide you value and empower you to reach your financial targets and goals, then I’m good with that label. The service I provide is more like a concierge at a hotel; you present your desires and he/she makes it happen. So, you could say I am more of a financial concierge. I have a team of specialists that I work with and if I cannot provide a solution for you directly, I know some that likely can.

Let’s have a sit-down or chat on the phone to get an idea where you are now and where you ultimately would like to be. There’s no charge for that. I look forward to meeting you.